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My first blog...

I am writing my very first blog as I look out of the window from my studio on the fourth floor at Brighton Art Space. Nothing looks particularly different. Yet, it is anything but a normal day as we are in the firm grip of Covid 19. Schools are closed and bars, restaurants, cinemas and all public places have just shut their doors until further notice. Life must resume but in a way that none of us have experienced before, behind closed doors... and so this seemed the perfect time to connect and engage through my blog. My studio has become my sanctuary, a place that is normally buzzing with activity has us all hiding from each other, away from listening to news reports and possible scenarios of where this may lead us all. I sit here on my own carving into clay and listening to an audio book, these are distractions that make me feel grateful for my life, my family and my pots. Keep well everyone in these most difficult times.

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