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I never really think of myself as having a brand. I work with clay and I refer to myself as a ceramicist rather than a potter as my work isn’t always functional and yet, I talk about making ‘pots’ regardless of their shape or form. So perhaps I am going through an identity crisis? When I am asked the question ‘what do you do?’ I generally mutter something about ‘playing with clay’. I should perhaps answer that question with a bit more clarity. I LOVE what I do and I am never happier than when I am in the studio making. I feel privileged to spend time doing something I enjoy and making work that people want to own. During the Pandemic being able to have time in the studio away from all the uncertainty that has surrounded us has been the thing that has kept me focused. So no more mumbling and skirting around the answer to this question….‘My name is Juliet, I am a ceramicist and I make pots of all different shapes and forms. I like textures, carving; burnishing; smoke firing; throwing; hand building; slip casting. I embrace both the successes and the failures. I feel grateful that I stumbled into a pottery evening class 30 years ago… it changed my life.’

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