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There are two aspects of time that dominate my making. The time I have to make and the time it takes me to make. Carving and burnishing are both time consuming techniques but equally that’s what I enjoy about them. I have never been able to answer the question ‘how long does it take you to make something?’ other than it takes as long as it takes to get it right - the difficulty is often learning when to stop. When my children were young and my day was organised around the school run, I found that I was very efficient with my time in the studio as I knew it was limited. Now they are grown up and I have the luxury of more time (something I always craved for) I am ironically often less productive. I work best when I have a deadline, something to focus and work towards – this makes me organise my time and work to my full potential. My year often revolves around preparing to exhibit at shows so I wanted to include these photos of my children Sophie and Harvey who, over the years, have come along to help me set up and show my work at different events. I hope that I have divided my time equally between my work and being a Mum, I will always be grateful to them for their support, help and encouragement.

Time is precious and one of the positive aspects of being in partial lock down at the moment because of the Covid 19 crisis, is having more time to think, plan and reflect. I wonder if the new ‘normal’ will include more of this when we are out the other side – I hope so.


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