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Updated: May 23, 2020

#MarchMeetTheMaker is a 31 day Instagram challenge that happens every March. The idea was inspired by artist Joanne Hawker who set a theme each day of the month for designer makers to create a post about themselves and their business based on that theme. Even though it’s now May, I thought I might bend the rules a bit and use these themes as inspiration for my posts to give more of an insight about me and my work.


Somebody once described me as a 'reverse Johnny Vegas' he started his life as a potter and then became an actor, I started my life as an actor and then became a potter. When I left drama school I was given some advice, 'always use the time you spend out of work to learn a new skill'. Back then you could study almost any subject through adult education courses. In between jobs I would enroll ..... photography; french; stained glass; porcelain doll making and finally pottery. The rest is history, 25 years on here I am at my studio at Phoenix Art Space in Brighton. I have been privileged to be working as a ceramic artist since 2001 in this brilliantly creative City, alongside of being a Mum to my now, grown up children. My studio is my sanctuary and a space for me to put my creative head on. I am missing being there very much at the moment but hope it’s not too long before the building is buzzing with people again. Phoenix Art Space provides studios for over 100 artists in Brighton, what better place to be!


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